Creating branding is an important aspect of online business. Branding gives your company an identity, a specific voice, and something that customers can relate to and recognize. Did you know that you can easily create effective branding for free? You don’t have to pay for expensive platforms or software, and there is a host of useful tools and websites you can use for free – we look at several examples below.

Create eye-catching social media content

If you post on multiple social media platforms you should have consistent branding and a consistent voice. This will help customers identify with you easier. It will also ensure your marketing remains coherent. 

There is a range of online platforms like Adobe Spark and Picmonkey that specialize in creating social media content. Adobe Spark, for example, has thousands of templates for social media graphics like Instagram stories, Pinterest infographics, and Facebook cover photos.

Produce a professional company logo

A main element of your branding is a company logo. This logo is something that should be recognizable but also reflect your color scheme and branding. A quality logo can make a huge difference – just look at brands like Nike, McDonalds, and Apple. These companies all have memorable logos that you can immediately identify their company via.

Free resources like LogoCreator can be used to produce professional business logos that you can then incorporate into your online content, website, and social media posts.

Organize your branding color schemes and fonts

Aside from a logo, other important branding aspects are the color scheme and typeface. You should settle on a particular color scheme for your business, and several fonts that you will use for things like normal paragraph text, headings, and page titles.

To organize these branding elements you can use tools like Canva. Canva has a branding section where you can define elements like fonts and colors. You can also import logos and then use this branding when you create your other online content.

Use consistent language and catchy slogans

A less tangible element of branding is the language you use. You should use consistent language on all of your online outlets – social media, web content, online store, and blogs, for example. If you craft coherent language, and use a consistent tone, this will only work to reinforce your brand. 

It will also help customers identify with you and understand the angle you are coming from. You could also think of some catchy slogans and phrases that you use throughout your media that customers will remember. Again we can look at worldwide companies like Nike and McDonalds – you would immediately associate phrases like “Just do it”, and “I’m lovin’ it” with these businesses.

Create a branded email signature

Finally, you should have a branded email signature. If you send emails with no signature, it can look unprofessional. Also, you are missing a chance to promote your business contact details etc.

Hubspot provides a free email signature generator that you can use to incorporate branding into. As a minimum, your signature should include your name, position, and important company contact information. It could also include your logo, and your underlying company color scheme. You can then use this signature for all email responses.

Effective Branding is a Cornerstone of Online Business

If you use these simple free resources and tips you can improve your online branding with minimal effort. We can’t stress the tance of branding enough. Whilst your online business should strive to provide a great service and products, having a consistent and strong branding will also help greatly.