Have you been looking into promoting your business with digital marketing Chicago? If so, you might have come across the term ‘responsive web design’ when it comes to designing and optimizing your business website for digital marketing.

And just like most business owners, you might have thought what is a responsive web design and why it is important? Well, you are in luck. In this week’s blog post, we will talk about responsive web design, its need, and what are its benefits. So, let’s get started!

What is responsive web design?

In simpler terms, responsive web design can be defined as the ability of your website to adapt to the screen it is accessed on. So, for example, if a user is opening your business website on a mobile device, the website will adapt to the screen of a mobile device.

This will enhance the overall user experience of the visitor creating a positive impact and great online impression for your business.

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Why do you need responsive web design?

The need for RWD responsive web design has increased in the past few years. If you look at the statistic, in 2014, only 22% used their mobile devices to search for products and services.

But the introduction of the 4G Internet completely revolutionized the way people use their mobile devices. By the end of 2016, mobile web usage had over exceeded desktop searches.

This changed the way people search for products and services. Hence, having a responsive web design for your business website became an important feature. Most website visitors gave importance to the overall user experience and responsive web design played an important role in the same.

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What are the benefits of responsive web design?

  • When you have your website built by a responsive site designer, you will get the benefit of instant adaptability to screens of multiple devices. This will increase the chances of your potential customers to access the website easily.
  • As mentioned above, responsive web design will enhance the overall user experience of the visitor. This will create a positive impression for your business website giving the visitors ease of use.
  • Responsive websites get the benefit of ranking higher in the search engine. These websites also load faster, hence boosting the overall ranking of your website. Responsive sites also have lower bounce rates which are good for your ranking.
  • Responsive websites make sure that you have to invest only in a single website making it easier to modify and maintain. SEO becomes smoother for mobile-friendly websites.

As you can see, responsive website design is the need of the hour. If you still haven’t transformed your business website into a responsive website, get in touch with us at Kozlo Digital.

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