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WordPress Web Design

Though popular as a blogging platform, WordPress is also a great platform to create a custom business website.

And we at Kozlo Digital will help you build a custom WordPress business website that will help your business brand.

Now, to build an effective WordPress business website, you need to understand that it mustn’t look like a regular blogging website, instead, must be able to make a strong brand presence.

And we will help you transform your WordPress website into a brand website that will attract your business clientele quickly.

We will help you make your WordPress website look professional that suits your brand image.

Why you should choose Kozlo Digital?

Now, you might think that you don’t need our assistance in building an effective WordPress website, but think again!

At Kozlo Digital, we don’t take website building for granted. That is our main job!

We make sure that your WordPress website looks professional, is fully functional, and makes your customers notice you in the crowd.

We will help you make the most of the WordPress custom website building platform.

With us, you will not be disappointed!


Here are some of the platform’s advantages:

  • Incredibly versatile
  • Multipurpose business friendly platform
  • Over 50,000 plugins you can integrate on your site
  • We will make your site secure
  • Various dedicated hosting options that are not expensive
  • Search engines love WordPress

WordPress Statistics 

Wordpress posts are made every second

Percent of the world runs on wordpress

Wordpress Themes on the market

Plugins are available for download

The statistics on WordPress are fascinating. A quick summary is: There is a huge amount of content put out using WordPress every day. The percentage of WordPress sites that fill the internet is staggering to say the least. Not to mention the number of WordPress plugins and WordPress themes that have been developed to extend the functionality and control the look plus the feel of WordPress will leave you in a daze. This will only continue to grow further. Whats the benefit to you? Your website is part of a much larger ecosystem that provides constant updates, security patches, functionality, and design that is all available to you at the press of a button. WordPress development is affordable as we do not need to recreate the wheel and easy to work with as it has been iterated upon for so long now.


Kozlo's UX/UI Design Package

Responsive Design For All Devices

We are committed to creating a responsive web design that works on all devices.

With our highly responsive web design, you will be able to reach every potential customer easily.

Flawless mobile, tablet, and desktop functionalities are of incredible importance when it comes to your businesses website.

Website Scaling Made Easy

Upscale your WordPress website easily with the help of our professional WordPress developers.

With us by your side, you don’t have to go anywhere else!

Quick Loading Speed

We create optimized WordPress websites that load faster and hook your customers right away.

We will make your customers stay on your website long enough for them to opt for a service with enhanced loading speed.

High Visibility

Your WordPress website will get high visibility when combined with our best in class SEO services.

Being an SEO friendly platform, WordPress websites when optimized with the right SEO strategy will do wonders for your brand.\

So, get your brand Kozlo Digital’s WordPress website design package and take it to a whole new level.

Get in touch with us for a quote!

Arm Yourself with Kozlo’s WordPress Website Design Package

WordPress runs over 36 percent of active websites on the internet. Many of these websites are huge names in different industries. As a full-service web design and development agency, Kozlo can provide you with custom WordPress design and development solutions that will help you drive leads, increase engagement, increase sales conversions, and give you an edge over your competition.

All-Inclusive In-House Services

Our WordPress custom website package is not limited to basic services. We will provide you with tools and support to help you achieve your goals with more than enough room to scale your business. In order to achieve this, we make sure to identify your goals, your target audience, how to engage your target audience, how to improve your existing strategies, and how to increase conversions. That’s where our business intelligence solutions come in. We offer built-in analytics tracking and reporting – advanced and deep data insights on numerous website actions and performance metrics that will help you create marketing, product design, and sales decisions.

With every custom WordPress design package, you will have access to WordPress XML sitemap creation and submission. We will submit it to the Google Search Console for you to begin your Search Engine Optimization.

Results Driven with Kozlo Digital’s Solutions

Don’t let your budget constrain you. With our WordPress custom website package, you’ll experience quality results at competitive prices. For years Kozlo Digital has provided custom website design services for companies of all sizes.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.
Steve Jobs

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