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We create imaginative and quality graphics that are a unique reflection of your business spirit.


Despite being custom designs, Kozlo Digital’s logos are available in several affordably priced packages.

Quality Work

Our insignias reflect a commitment to quality. We blend digital and traditional arts into masterpieces.

No-Clip Art

Each component of the logo is created from scratch. We don’t use pre-made elements.


Logo design prices and packages

The prices are determined by the type of logo you want.

Extra add-ons

Add any of the below to your order to give your company a more professional look!


  • Business card design – Starting at $50
  • Business Card + Letterhead + Envelop Design = $115
  • Business Card + Letterhead + Envelop Design + Email Signature + Thank you Card = $125
  • Facebook Cover Design = $80
  • Brochure Design = $85( Bi-Fold) and $100(Tri-Fold)
  • Banner Design = $80
  • Business Card + Letterhead + Envelop Design + Email Signature + Thank you Card + Facebook/Tweeter/ Youtube/ Insta Cover Design + Flyer Design + Banner Design + Brochure Design = $350

Kozlo Creations

A few of our creations

Popular types of logos we create

The logos below are of popular brands that been used as examples. We do not claim to have created them and do not hold any rights to them.

Calvin-Klein logo


This iconic type of logo design relates your initials or those of your business with artistic flair. It makes for an easily remembered symbol, and also carries the added benefit of associating your brand with an acronym or abbreviation that can act as a mnemonic device for consumers.

Calvin Klein’s internationally recognizable symbol utilizes this design in the simple initials CK.

coca cola

Wordmark or Type-Based

The Coca-Cola wordmark is one of the most easily recognizable emblems in the world. The free-flowing motif stands for Coca-Cola’s sense of freedom and innovation. The vibrant red hue reflects the “sunny” nature of the brand known as the world’s maker of “happy moments.” The curlicues and intertwining calligraphic font further enhance the message that “Coca-Cola brings people together.”


Icons, Badges, Emblems, and Symbols

Few symbols have more conceptual context than those found in icons or other emblems. They can be employed to inspire emotion, devotion, and even feelings of affinity. Volkswagen combines encircled and abstracted letters into a form that hearkens to the profile of their vehicles for a memorable and unique badge unlike any other.

Blackhawks logo


Mascots can be based on virtually any form, including animals, vegetables, minerals, and even elements. They are often synonymous with a culturally relevant concept like bravery, luck, or honor, and are seen as charms that impart beneficial qualities to their wearers. A good example of this type of symbolism is the Blackhawk Indian associated with the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team that also inspired the group’s moniker. 

Farmer John

Illustrative, Graphic, or Combination Mark

Illustrative icons are those that represent modern art in motion, often referred to as kinetic. It uses the perception of depth, movement, or transition to combine more than one visual element. The Farmer John mark provides an effective example of this, which features the representation of a farmer in front of distant green fields, bounded at the bottom by a banner proclaiming the company name and date of origin.

Logo Design Process

Step 1: Gathering information

Learning about your company and logo design requirements is crucial to give you the logo you’re looking for. For this reason, we ask you a few detailed questions that will assist us during the design process.


Step 2: Research and analyzation

Next, we follow the logo design trends to analyze popular logos to note concept, typeface, and color. Then we look into possible ideas that we can bring to life that will be the best fit for the company’s niche. 


Step 3: Concepts and finalization

Then comes the brainstorming! Our team shortlists and creates sample concepts. We send these samples to the client for evaluation. We also assist the client with the selection process and revisions if requested. Then we finalize the final logo and send you all the high-quality files!

Logo creation steps

Get Started

Not seeing what you need here? Need something a little more custom? No problem! Send us a message and we will create exactly what you need.

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